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About the Guide

This is my attempt to create a detailed log of all of the events and important details in the Devilman manga in an easy-to-read and easy-to-search text format. Please let me know if you have something to add, noticed a mistake, or think something should be worded more clearly. This is just something I made for fun and personal reference; it's in no way official and is not meant to serve as a replacement for actually reading the manga. That being said, feel free to use it as a reference, but please credit me if you pull quotes or use this as a source.

Spoiler warning, obviously.

First, a few notes. There's two main editions of Devilman: the original edition and the deluxe edition. The original version is what was initially published in 1972-73, and the deluxe version was published in 1987 with some scenes added, some scenes removed, three side stories, and the spin-off manga Shin Devilman. For the purpose of this summary, I will try to include everything from both versions of the story.

Things that occur in both the original edition and the deluxe edition will be written in black. Things that only occur in the original and were removed from the deluxe edition will be written in red. Things that were added in to the deluxe edition and are not in the original will be written in blue. This is so I don't have to specifically note every single change.

While the main paragraphs will only be covering what's explicitly in the manga, throughout the text I will be using annotations* to elaborate on certain details and to provide extracanon information -- that is, things that were confirmed outside of the text or in other adaptations.

*Like this!

The summary is separated by volume, and further then by sections. The original volumes weren't divided into chapters, so I placed (and named) a few logical breaks throughout each one, for faster referencing.

I'm referencing multiple language versions (see Credits), but I will try not to get too distracted talking about the differences between them and just focus on telling the story. That being said, any direct quotes will be taken from the official English translation* of the deluxe edition.

*Je suppose s'il y a une demande pour un traduction français de ce website, je peux en faire une et utiliser des citations de la version français.

I've consumed pretty much all the Devilman content that's available to me, but I only wanted to focus on the manga for this summary, so I tried to avoid too much adaptation comparison and didn't really include things from the sequels or spin-offs, except for what was included in the deluxe edition. That being said, if I have time and there is enough interest, I can make more pages on this website to cover other parts of canon in similar detail.

Lastly, I've been considering making a translation comparison of the manga, or making a dub comparison of the OVAs or Crybaby (provided I can find a reliable way to pull clips from them…) so let me know if this is something you would be interested in!


- Pratzelwurm


Go Nagai, of course, deserves all of the credit for creating this story in the first place.

These are the versions of the manga that I referenced when writing this:

And here are some additional sources I pulled from: